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  Home >> Radio Accessory >> Radio Repeater Box >> KENWOOD >> NEW Repeater Box Two-Way Relay Box for KENWOOD WOUXUN PUXING HYT BAOFENG

NEW Repeater Box Two-Way Relay Box for KENWOOD WOUXUN PUXING HYT BAOFENG [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Description :

The principle and the role of relay:
          A receiver receives a signal on a frequency of each station, while another consists of a high-power transmitter with another frequency is emitted, i.e., send and receive different frequency difference to the way to work, so as to achieve the effect of increasing the distance Communications.

What is the two-way switch:
          In the case of an appeal repeater switch turn normal way, if the relay station receiver can also become a transmitter, receiver transmitter can also be changed. A handheld radio such as launching 439.800, the original relay transmitter, received A handheld radio 439.800, 432.800 original receiver transmitter, handheld radio B received. At this point, the relay station is a two-way

Application examples:
          When they go out to play, in the absence of a relay or relay signals a bad place, you can plug in two handheld radios, as the difference between two-way turn, placed in a relatively high position, you can use as a temporary relay.

          when you cannot be on the relay in the smothering, or the relay signal is bad, you can plug in two hand sets, as the difference between two-way forward, placed in the balcony or window, so you can at any position on the smothering following the less than the local restaurants, underground parking snapped, signal coverage, two handheld radio can even make the difference between a two-way switch, seamless coverage. (Because the cost is too high to set up multiple relay, with the two-way switch box poor low cost, you can set up multiple)

Support one-way or two-way, UU turn, VV turn, UV turn
          (Note: the actual test UU and VV ,frequency difference should be greater than 20MHZ , the turn difference power is less than or equal to 1 watt, the bigger the frequency difference interval, the better the effect , actually 0.5 watt transmitter coverage enough 10,000 m2 the underground parking lot to use.)

Support the use of an external power supply 9-12V input.

Two-way box connector plug is K plug that Kenwood handheld radio the universal plug mic, support most of domestic handheld radio.

(Note 2: This plug for custom mold shielded cable, the shield is grounded, it is different from general domestic hand microphone cord is different, replaceable cable buyers please Kenwood plug pin definitions to pick, not just a simple distinction color pick)

The power switch controls switch on/off.

Anti-jamming design, two repeaters use this box to turn, it will not cause transceiver self-excited. It has stronger anti-interference ability than the other current market transfer box or repeater board

Small size ,easy to carry,

The battery-powered or external power supply is very convenient.

Compare with repeater, the cost is very low

as long as there are two universal plug handheld radio, can quickly build repeater station or two-way transfer link

Special anti-jamming design, two-way turn has restrict echo function, without causing self-excited

Battery :4.5V (1.5V AAA x 3) (Batteries not included)

Standby current : <5mA

Working current :<20mA


Compatible Models:

·    Kenwood:  TK-278/TK-278G/TK-378/TK-378G/TK-2107/TK-2118/TK-2160/TK-3107/TK-3118/TK-3160/TK-3207/TK-U100 + more

·    WouXun:  KG-UVD1/KG669/KG659/KG679/KG689/KG639/KG699/KG801 + more

·    PuXing:  PX-777/PX777PLUS/PX333/PX888/PX328/PX999/PX-666 +more

·    QuanSheng:  TG-UV2/TG-K4AT/TG-93A/TG3160/TG6A +more

·    Baofeng: UV-5R/666S/777S/888S/UV-B5/UV-B6/UV-5RA +more

·    Note: This cable Cannot be used for baofeng UV-3R


Each Unit Package Contain:

1 x Two Way Relay Repeater Control Box


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