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X1M SSB/CW HF Transceiver Platinum Edition 3.01b QRP HF SSB CW Amateur Ham Radio [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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X1M Platinum Edition 3.01b QRP HF SSB CW Amateur Ham Radio

The X1M is one of the first HF radios to be released from China. It was introduced in 2013 and has since gained a loyal following, and an active Yahoo Groups community. Many videos can be found on YouTube of the radio in action. The X1M is great for someone looking for a small 'back pack' type radio, or for a ham looking at operating QRP for the thrill. This is also a great HF radio for those who are tight for space or live within antenna restricted areas such as a condo, apartment, townhouse, as it can be used with our Mobile HF antenna giving you an indoor solution, or one that can be easily taken to your balcony, and then put away inside when done.

Is this suitable for a new ham looking to enter HF? That depends on your willingness to not have the same power as other HF radios. While anyone can operate QRP a different skill set is required to be successful. While learning is something amateur radio operators are always doing please ensure that QRP is something you want to dive into as your first HF rig. Do ask questions if you are unsure what QRP really means.


RX: 0.1~30MHz


  • 3.5~3.9MHZ (80M)
  • 7.0~7.3MHz (40M)
  • 14.0~14.35MHz (20M)
  • 21.0~21.45MHz (15M)
  • 28.0~29.7MHz (10M)

Modding the radio for use with MARS / CAP / WARC will require external bandpass filters.


  • SSB (A3J) (USB / LSB)
  • CW (A1)

RX Sensitivity: ≤0.45uV
RF Power: ≥4.5W
Frequency Stability: ±0.5ppm
Optimal Voltage: 12.0V~13.0V DC
RX Current: 500mAh
TX Current: 1800mAh (1.8A)

Memory: 32 pairs of VFO settings VFOa/VFOb)

A computer interface is available for use with HRD or future firmware updates. This is not a standard RS232 connection as it is TTL signals. An interface is required to connect to a computer.

The radio contains an internal CW keyer, and a straight key or paddle can be connected via the 3.5mm stereo mini jack in the back of the radio.

A 3.5mm head phone jack is on the back of the radio ready for a set of headphones.

Also on the back of the radio is the antenna connector. The connector may be BNC or SO-239 depending on the mood of the factory.

The front contains the 3.5mm jack for the hand mic, the display screen, volume / on-off, the frequency dial, and the control buttons.

Frequency range RX & TX: 100 kHz ~ 30 MHz
Modes: USB & LSB & CW
Power output: 5 Watts
Operating voltage: 12 Vdc
Operating current: 0.35 ~ 1.2 amp
Receiver Preamplifier: Yes
Memory Channels: 100
RIT Function: Yes
Automatic Internal CW Keyer: Yes
Backlight On/Off: Yes
Keyboard Lock: Yes
Dimensions: 3-13/16 x 1-9/16 x 6-1/8 inches
Weight: 0.65 kg ~ 1.43 lbs
PTT Microphone: Included
Computer Control: Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe (factory adapter required - Choose FT-817 in HRD)
Transmits continuous 100 kHz - 30 MHz via Menu option.

Five Ham Bands are configured with bandpass filtering. Transmitting on frequencies outside these ranges will require external bandpass filtering. Frequencies shown are the US band limits.

Band 1 3.5 – 4.0 MHz (80 Meters)
Band 2 7.0 – 7.3 MHz (40 Meters)
Band 3 14.0 – 14.35 MHz (20 Meters)
Band 4 21.0 – 21.45 MHz (15 Meters)
Band 5 28.0 – 29.7 MHz (10 Meters)
Receiving sensitivity: better than 0.45uV,
RF output power: ≥ 4.5W
Frequency stability: better than 0.5ppm
Frequency accuracy: better than 0.5ppm
Operating voltage: 12.0 ~ 14.0V DC
Receiver Standby Current: 0.5A
Emission current: 1.5A Max

Basic Parameters:

Receive frequency range


Transmit frequency range






Working mode


CW (A1)

Receiving sensitivity

superior to 0.45uV

Radio frequency output power


Frequency stability

superior to 0.5ppm

Frequency accuracy

superior to 0.5ppm (start-up 5min)

Working voltage

12.0~13.0V DC (heat generation can be reduced within this voltage range)

Receiving standby current


Emission current

1.8A Max



If bulk order, please contact Ms. Amy Huang for the wholesale price:

Tel: 86(592)2653580

Fax: 86(592)3720556

SKYPE: amy.446shop

WhatsApp: 86-13860123881


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