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Xiegu GZF-1 Cooling Bracket for G90 CB Mobile Radio

CE-19 Data Interface Expansion Card For Xiegu G90 X5105 ACC PTT XPA125 CB Radio

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XIEGU G1M HF Quad Band Portable SDR Transceiver QRP SSB CW AW 0.5-30MHz Mobile Radio

Xiegu X5105 OUTDOOR VERSION 0.5-30MHz 50-5MHz 5W 3800mAh HF TRANSCEIVER with IF Output All Bands Covering SSB CW AM FM RTTY PSK


  Home >> Radio Accessory >> Power Amplifier >> Xiegu >> Xiegu XPA125 HF Ham Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Power Amplifier 125W 39dB QRP ALC LC Antenna Tuner LPF band ATU PA Function

Xiegu XPA125 HF Ham Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Power Amplifier 125W 39dB QRP ALC LC Antenna Tuner LPF band ATU PA Function [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Amplified Frequency Range:
Tuning Frequency Range:

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Xiegu XPA125 HF Ham Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Power Amplifier 125W 39dB QRP ALC LC Antenna Tuner LPF band ATU PA Function

The new generation of Xiegu products, Xiegu XPA125, with a built-in antenna tuner, can amplifies the output up to 125W. This power amplifier features temperature protection, overcurrent protection, input and output detection, high and low level selectable, PA/ATU switchable. Besides, it also combine LC antenna tuner; If work with Xiegu 108G or X5105, the band and launch automatic control can be achieved with the AlC function.


Built in 125W solid state power amplifier, automatic antenna tuner

Auto tuning function, precise and fast

Harmonic suppression 39dB

Input/output protection function

Active/passive heat radiation design

Compact size, easy to carry

The maximum output power can be automatically constant (only for X108G and X5105) [ALC control function]

Perfect protection function, including inputs and outputs, over-current, over-temperature

XPA125 has a perfect external interface, it can be connected with other QRP models to achive power amplication effect

Note: After XPA125 amd X108G connection, the band and launch automatic control can be achieved, and it with the AlC function

Other Functions:

PA function

Band set function: can set the LPF band and working mode

ATU function

Switch machine function

Remove the protection function

Force tuning function

Screen display


Technology Parameters of Power Amplification:

Amplified Frequency Range: 0.5~50MHz

Maximum Output Power: 125W

Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature: 55℃

Whole Gain: 13dB (+ 2dB)

Working Voltage: DC 12~14.5V

Current Parameter: position in readiness @Max 550mA

Emission Current 30A@Max

ATU Basic Parameter:

Tuning Frequency Range: 1.8M~30M

Maximum Tuning Range: 14Ω~500Ω

Size & Weight:

Overall Size: 260*150*100(mm) [do not include knob, handle and other prominent]

Weight:3.3 Kg

General Troubleshooting

Pckage Content:

1x Xiegu XPA125 HF Power Amplifier

1x Power Supply Cable

1x Communication Cable

1x Data Cable

1x Using Manual

Free download on

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