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Motorola EP350 Walkie Talkie Portable UHF VHF Two Way Radio [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Motorola EP350 UHF VHF Walkie Talkie Portable Two Way Radio

Motorola EP350 ™

Industrial two-way portable radios

If order, please contact Ms. Amy Huang:

Tel: 86(592)5995025

Fax: 86(592)3720556

WhatsApp: 86-18159282307 


With very little investment you can have your people communicated.

This easy-to-use, lightweight, modern MOTOROLA midrange combines good performance with a compact and ergonomic design.

The EP350 replaces and exceeds the PRO2150 in all applications.

Because of its elegance, it is ideal for use in hotels, shopping malls, security companies, events, and in all communication where absolute privacy is needed.

Includes: a voice inversion distorter for added security

Featured Features:

99 Channels with alphanumeric display of 8 characters.

Versions with full keyboard or with limited keyboard.

Voice enhancement with X-pand technology.

5 Programmable buttons.

Li Ion battery 'without memory' up to 11hs of operation

Reduced dimensions: height 120mm front 55mm depth 35,50mm.

Programming by PC or manual from the keyboard (only the version with full keyboard).

Broad coverage of VHF frequencies 136 to 174Mhz and UHF 435 to 480Mhz.

2 Power levels H (high) 4 Watt and L (low) 1 Watt.

Fast table loader.

Heavy-duty spring-loaded belt clip.

Channel Scanner

Meets military standards and Motorola ALT accelerated life test.

Physical characteristics

5 programmable buttons-allowing easy one-button access to up to 10 user-selected features.

Keyboard (3X4)

(Full Keyboard Model Only) Provides easy access to change channels or make a selective call (DTMF signal) and allows programming from the front panel.

Built-in simple voice encryption for privacy.

The built-in DTMF signal offers caller ID and selective communication.

Its more rigid specifications offer a greater rejection of interferences so that the user can receive the message with clarity.

• X-Pand ™

• Vox Ready

• Multiple Channels

• Programmable by the user

• Talkaround capability

• Phone Mode

Product description

Industrial two-way portable radios.

Enhanced functionality, ease of use, reliable communication.

Rapid and easy communication with your work group is vital to improve response time, which strengthens employee efficiency and increases customer satisfaction.

Motorola's two-way radios offer a durable, high-quality voice communications solution that helps your business increase productivity and provide excellent customer service.

Ideal for light manufacturing operations, retail sales, hotel services, property management and real estate.

The Motorola EP350 Industrial Portable Radio offers you quality features you need at a competitive price. With a full keyboard for ease of use, extensive set of functions and ergonomic shape for comfortable handling in a durable, lightweight and compact design, you can improve communication while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Each Set Package Including:

1 x Motorola EP350

1 x AC Charger

1 x Battery

1 x Antenna

1 x Manual

1 x Belt Clip

1 x PTT earpiece

If bulk order, please contact Ms. Amy Huang:

Tel: 86(592)5995025

Fax: 86(592)3720556

WhatsApp / Viber / LINE / Telegram: 0086 18159282307

WeChat / IMO: 0086 13860123881

SKYPE: amy.446shop


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