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Motorola GP328 plus Walkie Talkie Portable Two Way Radio [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Motorola GP328 plus Walkie Talkie Portable Two Way Radio

The GP328 plus, one of the market-leading radios in Motorola’s Professional Series, is a simple and affordable communication solution for portable users requiring a high-quality radio. It is easy to use with essential functionality and is the ideal entry solution.

With option board capability and a wide range of accessories available within the Professional Series; it’s easy to build a tailored communications solution to meet your needs.

Main Feature:

X-PAND™ Audio Technology:
Motorola’s special voice compression and expansion technology called
X-PAND™ enables crisper, clearer and stronger audio quality, allowing you to keep communicating,
even in any noisy environment.

128 Channels
Maximum of 128 channels to organise work groups with ease and efficiency.

14-Character Alpha Numeric Dot Matrix Display:
Clear and easy to read text display.

Battery Strength Indicator:
Easy-to-read on-screen LCD display indicator alerting user on battery strength.

Name & Tone Tagging:
Capability to assign up to 8 unique ring tones to different users/talkgroups, and the visual caller
ID display makes caller identification possible.

Received Signal Strength Indicator:
A very user-friendly feature to display radio signal strength
in the vicinity where you operate in.

Clock and Reminder Alarm:
Set time stamp on incoming recorded messages; Or, set the alarm to remind
user of important appointments.

Emergency Siren:
Easy-to-access, one-touch button with piercing alarm to seek help in critical situations.

6 Programmable Buttons:
Quick and easy access to most frequently used features.

Adjustable RF Power Levels:
Optimised coverage and conserve battery consumption.

Internal Voice Operated Transmissions (VOX):
For hands-free operation, activate this option by speaking with the optional headsets.

Freedom to communicate via a repeater for wide area coverage; or bypass a repeater and talk
directly to another unit for easy local unit-to-unit communications.

Field Retrofit Option Boards:

Easy to install, affordable add-on functionality whenever your needs

Option Boards are available for:
I) DTMF Decode for in-coming calls capability.
II) Voice Storage for recording and playing back voice messages.
III) Mandown Alert for triggering an emergency procedure when the radio is horizontal or still for
a pre-defined time. Ideal for radio users who work
alone or in isolated environments.

The GP338 two-way radio supports these three signalling protocols:

I) MDC1200 Signalling
• PTT-ID (Encode/Decode)
Identify your outgoing calls and incoming callers
• Voice Selective Call (Encode/Decode)
Send and receive a call from a specific group or individual
• Selective Radio Inhibit (Decode)
Allows system owner to disable stolen or missing radios
• Status/Messages (Encode)
Pre-defined text messages can be assigned to enable users to send frequently used messages and
statuses quickly, without the need to talk
• Call Alert (Encode/Decode)
Inform unavailable users that you're trying to reach them, and receive alerts of incoming calls
when you're a short distance away from your radio
Radio Check (Encode/Decode)
Check whether another user's radio is activated, and let others check your radio status
• Emergency (Encode)
Sounds an alarm or alerts dispatcher in urgent situations

II) Quik Call II Signalling
• Call Alert (Encode/Decode)
• Voice Selective Call (Encode/Decode)
III) Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) Signalling
Other GP338 Features:
• Channel Scan
• Time-Out-Timer
• PL / DPL
• Busy Channel Lockout


Transmitter Specifications

Transmitter Specification


*Frequency (MHz)

136-174 / 330-400 / 403-470 / 450-527

Frequency separation

Full bandsplit

Channel Spacing

12.5 / 29 / 25kHz

Freq Stability (-30oC to 60oC,+25oC Ref.) :

2.5 ppm

Power Output

5W (VHF) 4W (UHF)

Modulation limiting

±2.5 @ 12.5kHz, ±4.0 @ 20kHhz, ±5.0 @ 25kHz

FM Hum & Noise


Conducted/Radiated Emission

-36 dBm < 1 GHz / -30 dBm > 1 GHz

Modulation FCC Type

12.5 kHz 11K0 F3E / 25 kHz 16K0F3E

Audio Response
(from 6 dB/octave pre-emphasis 300-3000Hz)

+1 to -3dB

Audio Distortion


Receiver Specifications



*Frequency (MHz)

136-174 / 330-400 / 403-470 / 450-527

Frequency separation

Full bandsplit

Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) EIA


Intermodulation (EIA)


Adjacent Channel Selectivity

60 dB @12.5kHz,
70 dB @ 25 kHz

Spurious Rejection


Rated Audio

500 mW

Audio Distortion


Hum and Noise

-40 dB

Audio Response (300-3000Hz)

+1 to -3dB

Conducted Spurious Emission

-57dBm < 1Ghz, -47dBm > 1Ghz / FCC Part 15


1 x Motorola GP328 Plus

1 x Battery

1 x Antenna.

1 x Belt Clip.

1 x ENG Manual

1 x PSU Charger

If bulk order, please contact Ms. Amy Huang:

Tel: 86(592)5995025

Fax: 86(592)3720556

WhatsApp / Viber / LINE / Telegram: 0086 18159282307

WeChat / IMO: 0086 13860123881

SKYPE: amy.446shop


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