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  Home >> Other Products >> Motorcycle Intercom >> Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth Intercom V2-500 BT Interphone Wireless Bluetooth Interphone for 2 riders

Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth Intercom V2-500 BT Interphone Wireless Bluetooth Interphone for 2 riders [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth Intercom V2-500 BT Interphone Wireless Bluetooth Interphone for 2 riders 500m+


Maximum talking range 500 meters intercom between two riders, real two-way wireless communication between three riders by Bluetooth system



1) Maximum talking range 500 meters between two riders,

2) Real two-way wireless communication between three

3) Up to 120Km working speed

4) Up to 7 hours talking time

5) Mobile phone first, calls automatically switch to the mobile phone to answer calls, hang up automatically after recovery intercom

6) Can be accessed by telephone, refused to telephone and hang up

7) Through the transmission over A2DP to enjoy the music through mobile phones or connected GPS

8) Can be controlled via mobile phone music AVRCP play, pause, previous song, next song played

9) There are rumors DSP noise reduction and processing, high-speed exercise to ensure a clear call quality

10) Stereo music/audio function (transmits from A2DP enabled cellphone/MP3/GPS).

11) Optional up to 1 languages(English) with a TTS voice function of reported number

12) Water-resistance, all weather.

13) Friendly for gloves.


1) Weather Protected headset fit open-face and full helmet

2) High Impact balancing Microphone for inter-city speed condition

3) Self-installation within 5 minutes

4) Comply with standard of Bluetooth V2.0

5) 10-meters Bluetooth sensing range (pairing)

6) Provides rider-to-passenger communication

7) Full-duplex wireless intercom

8) Intercom range: approx 500m

9) Built-in rechargeable battery: 3.8V DC, 500mAh

10) Power adapter output: 5.5V DC, 550mAh

11) Charging Time: 2 hour (Approx)

12) Talking time: 7 hours (Approx)

13) Standby Time: up to 110 hours

14) Operating Frequency Band: 2.402 - 2.480GHz

15) Full duplex rider-to-passenger intercom

16) Color: Black

17) Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C

We will describe this communications kit as B (Bluetooth headset) I (intercom) M (music)

This BIM can either be used for rider or for pillion.

This BIM can connect with four Bluetooth devices: a Bluetooth enabled cell

phone, two BIM (two riders or one rider and one pillion), an audio source which with a built in or a external audio Bluetooth transmitter.

This BIM is a multifunctional device for motorcyclists and skiers, it can be used:

1) As a hands-free Bluetooth headset for cell phone calls

While out riding or snow skiing, the auto answer feature of the internal

Bluetooth profile enables safe automatic Hands-free answering of the phone call automatically. It also offers a call rejecting function.

receive the cell phone calls even you do not need to press any button, you just

need to rider your bike as normal, the process of receiving call will be

automatic, after ring on of the call about 5 seconds; it will receive the call

automatically. It also can offer rejecting call function.

2) As a two way wireless full duplex interphone between riders or between rider & pillion

The Maximum communication range over a high clear line of sight path can reach 500m/1640ft! (This maximum range is not guaranteed).

Typical effective range in city is approximately 300m/950ft. Please note that actual range will depend on weather conditions, terrain, presence of obstacles, i.e. a large vehicle, buildings non line of sight etc.  

Unlike a one-way walkie talkie, which is only half duplex

i.e. it can not speak and listen simultaneously, the BIM offers real-time talking like a normal telephone.

It can connect with two other riders or connect with anther rider and his/her pillion.

The rider can chose which person to talk with.

The working speed can be up to 120Km!

3) As a wireless Bluetooth music receiver and speaker, this BIM has EDR and A2DP profile , with EDR and A2DP profile it can offer another important function--- listening to stereo music from A2DP enabled cellphone,MP3 or navigation audio information from GPS(this MP3 or GPS should has a built in audio Bluetooth transmitter)

4) If your MP3, GPS did not have a built in audio Bluetooth transmitter,

you only need to have an external audio Bluetooth transmitter (sometimes called an AV Dongle, you can find it easily in the market) to pair with them, then you also can enjoy this added functionality.


Each Unit Package Include:

2 x Bluetooth headset receivers

2 x Stereo Headphones

2 x Rubber Clip Spacers

2 x Metal Clips

2 x AC Charger

2 x USB Cable

1 x Manual

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