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110-140MHZ Aviation Band Radio AM Receiver [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Talinfone 110-140MHZ Aviation Band Radio AM Receiver

Product code: BAMJ

Note: This machine is AM receiver, not FM receiver.This receiver can be used to receive calls between airport towers and aircraft. It needs to be close to the airport to receive signals. The actual reception distance varies from region to region. It is recommended that actual measurements be made. If you don't want to receive a signal near the airport, please do not shoot!

110-140MHZ aeronautical band radio Package list:
1 x 110-140MHz Radio Receiver
1 x Earpiece

NOTE :not including the battery

This machine is AM receiver, not FM receiver.
Using large-scale integrated circuits, a frequency conversion technology, with a level antenna amplification circuit, receiving high sensitivity, direct use of the headset line to do the receiving antenna, no additional external antenna, the use of more convenient,
Can receive 110-140MHZ within the amplitude modulation signal,
Contains the air amplitude modulation signal in the band 118-136MHZ.
The machine uses two AAA batteries,not including the battery
Dimensions 8X5.5X1.5cm, with waist buckle

Note: This receiver is used by the airport ground staff to receive command calls between the airport tower and the aircraft. The actual receiving distance varies from region to region. It is recommended to measure. If you are not close to the airport and want to receive the signal, please don't shoot! Some airports may not even receive signals, receive unstable or receive no signals.
This machine does not have a loudspeaker and cannot be put out. It can only be listened to with headphones. Adjust the frequency with the above knob and the volume with the lower knob. If you can receive it, you can receive it. If you can't receive it, try approaching the airport tower or changing to another airport
Note: This machine is an AM receiver, not an FM receiver. The machine adopts large-scale integrated circuit, primary frequency conversion receiving technology, with a primary antenna amplifier circuit inside, which has high receiving sensitivity. The headphone cable is directly used as the receiving antenna. The machine can receive amplitude modulation signals in 110-140MHZ, including aviation amplitude modulation signals in 118-136MHZ frequency band. With the noise suppression function, the machine can keep silent when not receiving the station, without rustling. It is powered by two No. 7 batteries, with an overall dimension of 8X5.5X1.5cm and waist buckle.

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