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Adam Boys

Vertex Standard

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Vertex Standard V168 Walkie-Talkie Commercial Handheld Civilian High Power Talkie Handset [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
Brand:Vertex Standard
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Vertex Standard V168 Walkie Talkie with 16 channels

Vertex Standard V168 Walkie Talkie with 16 channels 400-470MHz 25 /12.5kHz

Motorola Vertex Standard V168 walkie-talkie Commercial Handheld Civilian High Power Talkie Handset

walkie-talkie v168 commercial civilian professional Weitex FM hand-held long-range walkie-talkie official standard


Frequency range: UHF G6B: 400-470MHz Number of channels: 16 Voltage: 7.4VDC ± 10% Channel interval: 25 / 12.5kHz Battery Life: FNB-Z131LI: 11H Operating temperature range: -20 ° C to 60 ° C Frequency stability: ± 1.5ppm Output impedance: 50ohm

You bought a single walkie-talkie, not a pair, please be careful before placing an order

A new choice of voice communication with both quality and cost-effectiveness

Simple and practical
Abandoning complicated functions and programming settings, V168 allows users to return to the essential experience of voice communication of walkie-talkies! The compact size and the overall weight of only 200 grams can still provide loud voices under the premise of being light and portable; with high-efficiency antennas, the communication distance is more secure.

16 channels
V168 can store up to 16 channels through programming software, and each channel can be individually defined for transceiver frequency, sub-tone code, wide and narrow band, high and low power, scan addition, and busy lock.

Voice channel broadcast
When the channel is changed, the walkie-talkie can broadcast the current channel by voice (default Chinese, English or closed). The user can no longer visually look at the walkie-talkie when switching channels, which improves efficiency in work.

Busy channel lock
When this function is turned on through the programming software, the walkie-talkie will first detect whether the current channel is occupied before transmitting. In this case, users are prohibited from transmitting signals on this busy channel to avoid interference with established voice communications.

Loud voice
The voice output power of the walkie-talkie is as high as 1000mW, ensuring that users can hear the other party's speech clearly even in a noisy working environment.

Lithium battery solution
The 1300mAh lithium battery solution can provide up to 11 hours of use time under a 5-5-90 working cycle (5% transmission, 5% reception, 90% standby). When the battery is low, the walkie-talkie can promptly remind the user 'please charge' through voice, which is considerate and practical.

Universal interface accessories
The universal interface can be used to connect standard walkie-talkie voice accessories, which can save the user's cost.

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