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100K-1GHz RF Field Strength Meter For Walkie Talkie Antenna Field Strength Radiation Field Intensity [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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100K-1GHz RF Field Strength Meter For Walkie Talkie Antenna Field Strength Radiation Field Intensity


- Wide frequency band and high sensitivity 100KHz-1000MHz. (The original antenna is 400-470Mz. To test different frequency signals and ensure better effect and sensitivity, please use antennas with different frequency).
- To protect its current meter, the amplitude of pointer is adjustable.
- Built-in automatic damping function prevents the hands from swinging too fast to cause damage.
- Compact size for easy carrying.
- Simple and beautiful design.
- Net Weight: 170g.

Testing Sensitivity:
- For 0.1W Transmitters: Distance 0.1-1M
- For 2W/5W Transmitters: 1-3M
- For 10W Transmitters: 2-5M
- For 50W Transmitters: About 3-10M

How to Use It?
- Before using, please adjust the amplitude to the far left side. The length of your antenna depends on testing frequency. 1/4 wavelength is recommended. Keep your hand-held walkie-talkie about one meter away from the field strength meter, do not get too close! So as not to burn the field strength meter due to strong signals. And press PTT button in your radio to make it enter into transmitting state. At the moment, the pointer of the field strength meter should indicate the signal. The stronger the signal, the bigger the indication.
- Amplitude Adjustment: If the pointer of the field strength meter exceeds the maximum range, you can adjust it to let the pointer point to an appropriate position.

How to Test Maximum Gain Point?
- Please use a walkie-talkie with a keyboard to manually set frequency quickly.
- Connect the two-way radio and your antenna feeder. Place the field strength meter near the antenna. The distance depends on the environment. Please place it within the vertical radiation angle of the antenna, and the same antenna polarization method is recommended.
- Set radio's frequency, press the transmitting button, observe the meter reading, and write down the meter reading at this frequency. Then set the walkie-talkie to other frequency points, make the walkie-talkie into transmitting state again and observe the meter reading. After repeating the above steps for several times, compare readings at different frequencies. You can get to know the best frequency / segment of the antenna under test.

Package Included:

- 1 x Field Strength Meter

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