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NanoVNA-F VNA SWR Meter VHF UHF Antenne Analyzer 4.3 IPS LCD Vector Network Analyzer 50KHz-1000MHz [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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NanoVNA-F VNA SWR Meter VHF UHF Antenne Analyzer + 4.3 IPS LCD + Metal Case Vector Network Analyzer 50KHz-1000MHz

NanoVNA-F firmware release 0.0.5, measuring frequency to 1.5GHz! measurable frequency to 1.5 GHz, default setting 1 GHz, accurate measurement up to 1.35GHz.
2.fix: unexpected 0.3dB offset of s21 in thru
3.fix: mark all off bug
4.fix: clutter display when standing wave ratio is infinite
5.add version & info command
6.add REAL IMAG R X trace format

For more information, visit: http: //

Use 4.3-inch IPS TFT LCD and resistive touching screen, with a larger view angle and can be seen clearly in strong outdoor light.
Switch to a large capacity 5000mAh/3.7V lithium battery, longer standby time, and expand a USB interface. Usually, it can be used as a power bank when the instrument is not used.
The Lipo charing IC to be changed to IP5306 (with 2A high charing current), making the charging time shorter.
Use a larger and better operating level.
Use a larger and better operating power switch.
Support Chinese and English menu switching.
Upgrade the user program by virtual U disk (16MB SPI flash memory inside).
Standard aluminium housing to protect SMAhead and reduce the interference of external electromagnetic waves to instrument.
The NanoVNA-F measurement ranges is 50k-1.5GHz. Use the harmonic of the clock chip SI5351 to measure frequency up to 1000MHz. At 600M-1GHz, the S11 has a dynamic ranges of 40dB (the standing waves ratio is less than 1.02).
The RF front end is designed with a metal shield that allows the S21 to have a dynamic ranges better than 60dB over the full frequency ranges.

Main material: PCB
Color: black
Type: with battery
Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 3.7V, 5000mAh
Measurement frequency: 50KHz~1500MHz
RF output: -13dBm (Max.-9dBm)
Frequency accuracy: <0.5PPM
Port SWR: <1.1
Display: 4.3 inch IPS TFT (800*480)
USB interface: USB Type-C
Communication mode: CDC (serial)
Power consumption: USB 5V 200mA, can use battery powered, maximum charging current 2A
Output capacity: 5V/1A
Number of calibration points: 101
Number of scanning points: 101
Display tracking: 4, Marking: 4, Setting save: 5
Scanning time: about 1.9s/time (50KHz~1000MHz full frequency band)
Can measure S parameters, voltage standing waves ratio SWR, phase map, group delay, Smith chart and so on.
Item size: 140 * 75 * 20mm / 5.5 * 3.0 * 0.8in
Package size: 145 * 85 * 30mm / 5.7 * 3.3 * 1.2in
Package weight: 413g / 0.9lb

Package list:
1 * NanoVNA-F VNA SWR Meter VHF UHF Antenne Analyzer
2 * 200mm SMA-JJ RG316 Cable
1 * Set of Calibration Parts
1 * SMA-JJ Double Needle
1 * SMA Elbow (external screw inner hole to inner screw inner needle)

1 * Type-C Data Cable


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