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Baofeng GT-3DMR Mark IV Dual Band VHF/UHF Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio Ham Transceiver with DMR Function Time Slot 1 Repeater [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Baofeng GT-3DMR Mark IV Dual Band VHF/UHF Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio Ham Transceiver with DMR Function Time Slot 1 Repeater


GT-3 Mark II has been bringing to our customers the ultimate in performance, endurance and reliability, at price points that even the most cost-conscious users will find appealing, not to mention its disruptive exterior design.


Now let's welcome the new generation of Baofeng's GT-3 series radio, the GT-3 DMR Mark IV. This two-way radio is upgraded from GT-3, it's a manually adjustable, all-weather two-way radio with dual band frequency, 5W high power, 2000mAh battery; with functions of individual call, group call, all call, walkie talkie detection and battery saving which GT-3 doesn't has.


Last but not least, as an analogue radio, GT-3 DMR Mark IV is provided with DMR Time slot 1 function, which means you can just use it together with other digital radio like MOTOROLA radios.


Product Features:



With a high capacity 2000mAh battery and featuring an upgraded power-saving mode, and an upgraded standby feature, the GT-3 DMR Mark IV will be there whenever you need it.

The GT-3 DMR transmits for a total time of 14 hours after every single charge. Futhermore, its powered on standby time is up to 30 hours from 18 hours after every single charge, which is 66.66% longer than GT-3



With both VHF and UHF frequency, GT-3 DMR Mark IV allows you to choose a better frequerncy and power output when facing different situations.

Choose VHF if you plan to only use the radios outdoors and in an area that is relatively free of obstructions, such as buildings. If you plan on using the radio indoors, both indoors and out, or outdoors but around buildings, choose UHF.





GT-3 DMR Mark IV applies error correction to eliminate noise and static and preserves voice quality over a greater range so users can hear what is being said crisp and clear since its digital mode.


Besides, under digital mode it allows you to make more calls to more places. Its digital signal stays strong and clear until it reaches its maximum range. There is no deterioration in the signal, providing greater usable range in areas where two-way communication was not possible in the past.



Individual Call - One user directly calls another user and cannot be heard by anyone else on the channel.

Group Call - One user can call a select group of users. All parties in the group hear each other and cannot be heard by anyone outside the designated group who may be on the same channel.

All Call - One-way voice transmit from one user to all users on a channel.



As a radio operated under analog as well as digital system, Baofeng GT-3 DMR Mark IV is compatible with both digital and analogue mode. It can smoothly turn from one into the other, thus it can communicate clearly and easily with other two-way radios on the UHF and VHF frequencies.


Therefore, it is naturally compatible with Motorola's digital radios.



DMR compatibility

(digital and analog)

Voice prompts

(English and Chinese)

7-level stepped frequency selection

(2.5K, 5.0K, 10.0K, 12.5K, 20.0K, 25.0K and 50.0K)

Dual-stage, Dual-display & Dual-frequency waiting,

(relay cross-stage receiving and transmitting in U/V stage)

Tail Tone Elimination

(eliminates the impact noise made by the speaker after the call)

128 Memory Channels

(available for the programming of frequency and other various data)


(coding and decoding. Different signaling can be set for each channel)

VOX Function

(allows users to operate the radio without using hands pressing the PTT key)

Intermediate Pilot & reverse Frequency Function

(allows adaptation to the setting requirements of various complex conditions)

Digital Talkback Function

(supports individual call, group call & all call, supports digital voice encryption)

LCD Display

(shows channel number, frequency, channel frequency and channel name, etc)

High Power/Low Powe

(different power levels for different distances means energy and power saving)

Auto Power Saving Function

(reduces power consumption to extend the operation time of the two-way radio)

Battery voltage display

Computer Programmable

Bright flashlight lighting function

Emergency call, sound and light alarm function

Broad/Narrow band (25KHz/12.5KHz) selection

Emergency Alarm & ANI Identification through DTMF

Digital Tunable FM radio (receiving frequency: 65-108MHz)




Package Content:

1x Baofeng GT-3 DMR MarkIV TP Two Way Radio

1x 2000mAh Li-ion Battery

1x Antenna

1x Belt Clip

1x Hand Strap

1x User Manual

1x Adapter

1x Desktop Charger

1x Free Earpiece Mic/Headset


Option accessories:


3800mAh Li-ion Battery

Speaker Microphone




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