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HARRIS PRC-152 UV GPS Dual Band Military Radio Aluminum Metal Walkie Talkie [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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HARRIS Aluminum Metal Walkie Talkie TCA PRC-152 UV Dual Band GPS Military Radio GPS Version

The PRC-152 is the Harris Replica OEM model, not the genuine Harris products. It is  from TCA manufacturer, not TRI.

Name:PRC-152A military replica intercom / handheld radio
Weight:GW 2.5KG ( Package ) Weight about 1100g
Color: olive green Oliver Green.

Introduction :
TCA PRC-152A (UV) is a full-featured three two-stage anti- FM radio, original product standard structure , large capacity lithium battery 4800mHA enables users to more than a week of standby time , equipped with two-stage high-gain antenna , two-stage double- Shou dual display , UV whole paragraph transceiver receives multistage , full-featured menu operation keys , etc., dot-matrix liquid crystal display according to the original product HARRIS FALCON. military standard stainless steel waterproof connector universal primary product interface.

Working Frequency

FM: 87-108MHZ (receiver)

VHF: 136~174 MHZ(Receiving/Transmitting)
UHF1: 400~480.995 MHZ(Receiving/Transmitting)

Main features
(Built-in two sets of communication movements to achieve dual-segment simultaneous reception (V / V, U / U, U / V
● Relay difference function (U to V or V to U)
● CT language audio scrambling encryption
Folding U / V full-section antenna
Dynamic microphone selection
(FM radio reception
() Auto scan function
(128 channel storage
● PTT voice control switch
(Speaker shield mode
Power on personalized display mode (support icon design)
High and low H / L level power setting
● Shortcut key for main / sub (A / B) frequency band
(Full dot matrix LCD 4 segment display
● Intelligent low-power saving mode realizes long standby

Note: This machine does not contain 18650 batteries, in order to reduce everyone's cost, TCA designed a detachable battery. This is also a cost saving for everyone (because the battery will generate inventory and the cost will be passed on to the consumer).
You can buy four 18650 batteries of good quality (two can also work).
This battery can be repeatedly disassembled and waterproof performance will not change (tighten two screws)

Menu Description

MENU + corresponding menu value to enter the corresponding menu

Menu 1 Scan function (scan frequency / channel / radio)

Menu 2 Voice control setting OFF, level 1-5 setting

Menu 3 Voice control time selection 0.5-3.0 seconds selection

Menu 4 High and low power selection

Menu 5 squelch level SQL setting, level 0-9 (select level according to different environments, in principle, there is interference at the upper level, so that the reception is sensitive)

Menu 6 Dual frequency receiving switch

Menu 7 Backlight control, automatic, on and off

Menu 8 Key prompt beep on / off (OFF / ON)

Menu 9 voice prompt selection, (this machine provides English and Chinese operation prompt tone)

Menu 10 ANI identification

Menu 11 Power saving on / off (OFF / ON)

Menu 12 Set wide and narrow band

Menu 13 ROGER call end tone on / off (OFF / ON)

Menu 14 Keyboard automatic lock on / off (OFF / ON)

Menu 15 dynamic microphone switch (such as selecting the original dynamic headphones or handle to open this menu)

Menu 16 BCL Busy Prohibited On / Off (OFF / ON)

Menu 17 Differential frequency direction setting

Menu 18 Difference frequency setting

Menu 19 Step frequency (the frequency can be set to five digits after the decimal point)

Menu 20 Power-on display mode selection

Menu 21 PTTID settings

Menu 22 Startup information editing (personalized, editable startup screen display, such as call sign or your favorite number)

Menu 23 Launch Settings

Menu 24 Scan mode settings

Menu 25 Monitor on / off in radio state (whether to receive the intercom in radio state)

Menu 26 Mute audio settings (you can set this item for both transmit and receive mute) Press the * key to switch between analog and digital mute

Menu 27 Receive analog sub-tone R-CDC Press * key to switch between analog and digital mute

Menu 28 Transmit analog subtone T-CDC Press * key to switch between analog and digital mute

Menu 29 Channel name display on / off (OFF / ON) (personalized, set the channel name such as call sign, you can easily find the required frequency)

Menu 30 Channel name editing, press the up and down keys to select numbers and letters, press *, # to move left and right

Menu 31 Relay switch, select ON to enter relay mode. (UV cross-segment relay)

Menu 32 Relay transmission delay, selectable from 0.5 to 4.5 seconds

Menu 33 Relay speaker switch (When used as a relay, the speaker of the unit can be turned on or off, which means that the sound of incoming calls can be heard.)

Menu 34 Relay PTT switch (When used as a relay, the PTT of the unit can be turned on or off, which is equivalent to the use of a base station.)

Menu 35 GPS switch (reserved APRS switch and power output)

Menu 36 DTMF side tone on / off (OFF / ON) setting

Menu 37 Priority transmit channel channel

Menu 38 Launch End Switch

Channel and frequency conversion: Press EXIT.
Reset one: Press and hold PTT + 1 to start all the settings of the frequency mode
Reset two: Press and hold PTT + 2 to boot and initialize all settings of frequency channel mode
Press and hold the right arrow key to enter the radio function
Press the MENU key and then press 0 to enter the alarm

To store the channel, press MENU and then long press EXIT to enter the storage state, press the up and down keys to select the storage channel, and then long press EXIT to confirm

Delete the channel, select the channel to be deleted in the channel mode, power off and hold down the MENU key to turn on the power, and then MENU to confirm

Manually transmit dual-tone multi-frequency DTMF, hold down PTT and press 0-9 ABCD MENU button is A, EXIT button is B Up button is C Down button is D

This machine can be used as a UV cross-segment relay. For related operations, please refer to the menu- to quickly set up, and provide five relay channel storage, you can also change the frequency of the relay at will during the use process, simple Fast.

For the upper relay, please refer to menu 17.18 and channel storage.

If bulk order, please contact Ms. Amy Huang:

Tel: 86(592)5995025

Fax: 86(592)3720556

Whatsapp: 0086-18159282307

SKYPE: amy.446shop


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